Rainbow Touch is proud of its strong client focus and long-term relationships since 12.12.12. We set to design and organize every program/project for our clients that help them achieve their targets best. We manage and create better options for clients demand to provide cost-effective Program/Project. We are the planner of program/project, we are expert to solve any type of interior solution as well as provide direct and indirect procurement support and we are an advertising agency which is your one-stop shop for any and every requirement to our wide spectrum of clients. Always our motto is to satisfy our clients in terms of providing the best services at competitive rates.

We firmly believe that successes and responsibility go together. We don’t work for business only, we think ourselves responsible for your successes and failure. There is strong planning behind every successes story and an artistic execution makes the story come true. Keeping this in mind we often say to our valued clients, “Planning is our strengths, execution is the art”.

Creative, Research and Development:

In this era, every organization depend on their Creative, Research and Development department. Every moment creative, research and development department analysis the current market and clients demand, the management make the product and service compatibility with the present market demand according by their direction.

Creative department always make the project creative, smooth, superb, generative and user friendly. R & D always develop the future product and service.

In this industry that is changing fast, firm must continually revise their design and range of service/product.

"Systematic activity combining basic and applied research and aimed at discovering solution to problems or creating new service, goods and knowledge."

RTL always research their every project/event and find out unique manner/style and design then develop the project.

RTL always respect their client demand and make every project aesthetic and effective by using best effort of RTL.

RTL always going for implementation after certifying by the Creative, Research and Development department.

RTL’s Creative, Research and development department always works with the clients demand and requirement, so they can easily bring out the core requirement from the client’s mind.

We climb together ... our Team

We are a team with diversified skills, brought on an equivalent platform to organize and ensure a perfect balanced output as per the needs of the business.

Its team of young, creative, enthusiastic and dynamic professional with some sparkling streams of ideas having prior experience in the field of event, entertainment and promotional work etc.